EuroPride participants clash with police in Belgrade, no less than 31 detained

There were clashes with police in Serbia’s Belgrade today at the EuroPride; at least 31 protesters have been detained, the country’s police reports.

Serbia’s capital hosted a pride march despite the fact that the police banned the event. Around 6,000 police officers were gathered in the heart of Belgrade, Blic reports.

The rally went all the way from the building of the Constitutional Court to the Tašmajdan Park where a concert was scheduled.

There were occasional clashes between the pride participants and the police. The former were reported to have been throwing torches and flare pots against the law enforcers.

An Orthodox rally which also collected some ant-pride activists took part at the same time.

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić announced in August that the EuroPride rally would be officially cancelled due to numerous threats from far-right extremist groups. However, the country’s PM Ana Brnabić, who is known to be openly gay, announced today that the event would take place and that the police would protect the marchers.

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