Meduza: Russia’s ex-finance minister Alexei Kudrin to join Yandex board on Putin’s approval

Head of Russia’s Accounts Chamber and former finance minister Alexei Kudrin met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on 15 September to ask for Putin’s permission to resign and join the board of Russian tech giant Yandex, Meduza reports, citing two sources close to the company management.

According to the news outlet, during the meeting, they agreed that Kudrin would join the Yandex board. Besides, Putin and Kudrin discussed projects that Yandex plans to develop on the international market, namely Yandex Cloud and unmanned vehicles, Meduza sources said.

Meduza addressed Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the Accounts Chamber and the Yandex press service with a request for comment.

The news outlet reported back in June that Yandex planned to invite Kudrin to work for the company.

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In July, The Bell wrote, citing its sources, that Yandex founder Arkady Volozh might trade control of the Russian branch of the company for the opportunity to move part of his assets abroad. Volozh asked Kudrin to help him with the approval of the deal at the state level, The Bell notes. The outlet wrote that Kudrin might resign as head of the Accounts Chamber and join the Yandex board.

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