What happened today in brief — 14 September

  • Armenia asked the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) for help in restoring its territorial integrity, while Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs unilaterally proposed establishment of a humanitarian ceasefire to Armenia. According to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, at least 105 Armenian servicemen had been killed as a result of Azerbaijani attacks.
  • Water level of the river Inhulets rose by two-three metres as a result of a missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih conducted by the Russian Armed Forces. The missile strikes destroyed a dam and caused heavy damage to hydraulic structures. According to the head of the Dnipro region, “Russians dropped seven Kh-22 cruise missiles from aircraft of strategic aviation”. Several districts of Kryvyi Rih were left without water following the attack.
  • A man resembling Yevgeny Prigozhin, the alleged head of the Wagner Group, was filmed recruiting prisoners of a Russian penal colony for the war in Ukraine. The man in the video promises pardons to those who will remain alive after participating in the hostilities. “When it comes to those who arrive and say ‘I think I’m in the wrong place’ on the first day, we make a note saying ‘deserter’, and then they get shot,” the man says.
  • The Moscow office of Novaya Gazeta was fined 400,000 rubles (€6,400) for “discrediting” the Russian Armed Forces. The reason for filing a report were three articles published on the website of Novaya Rasskaz-Gazeta. “The people involved in this special operation against journalists are: Roskomnadzor’s officials, the anonymous ‘experts’ they used (whose last names we, nevertheless, have managed to identify in court), five police generals (we didn’t count the colonels), and the court itself,” Novaya Gazeta writes.
  • Russian politician Leonid Gozman was once again arrested for 15 days for “publicly equating the actions of the USSR and Nazi Germany” in a 2013 LiveJournal post. The judge ruled that Gozman suffering from cholelithiasis was not a reason for substituting an arrest with a fine, seeing as Gozman had been discharged from a hospital. With the new 15-days arrest, the 72-year-old politician will have to spend a month in a detention centre.

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