Ukraine’s Armed Forces claim to have shot down Russia-purchased Iranian drone Shahed-136 for the first time

The Armed Forces of Ukraine claim to have shot down an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle Shahed-136 for the first time, reports Strategic Communications Department of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. These types of drones were previously acquired from Iran by Russia.

Strategic Communications Department's Telegram post

“It’s highly probable that the Armed Forces have destroyed an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time, near Kupyansk. The examination of the drone’s wing parts allows us to assert that Ukraine’s Armed Forces have destroyed an Iranian UAV for the first time. The UAV in question was a long-range kamikaze drone Shahed-136,” the statement reads.

At the end of August, The Washington Post reported that Iran had transported the first shipment of the drones to be used in the war with Ukraine to Russia.

It is assumed that the delivery of Mohajer-6 and Shahed drones to Moscow was only the first part of the agreement. According to WP, Iran is planning to provide Russia with several hundreds of UAVs of different types in total.

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