Lawyers of Revolutionary Action movement members, who received sentences of up to 17 years, detained in Belarus

Belarusian law enforcement agents have detained lawyers of the defendants of the criminal case on participation in the movement Revolutionary Action, reports pro-government Belarusian Telegram channel Svodka Centr, cited by Mediazona.Belarus.

“In the morning, a whole group of ‘devil’s advocates’ was detained for disclosure of the investigation information,” the channel’s authors state. Who exactly was detained is not clarified.

Citing a source in the Main Directorate for Combating Organised Crime and Corruption of Belarus, the Svodka Centr channel reports a certain “pattern between the law enforcement agents’ personal data leak and the investigation of the case” on the movement Revolutionary Action members.

On 6 September, a Minsk court sentenced Alyaksandar Fratskevich to 17 years in prison, Akichira Hayeski-Hanada — to 16 years in prison, Marfa Rabkova — to 15 years in prison, Alyaksey Halauko — to 12 years in prison, Pavel Shpetny, Mikita Dranec, Alyaksandar Kozlyanko, and Andrey Chapiuk — to six years in prison, Andrey Marach and Danila Chul — to five years in prison.

After the court’s decision, the law enforcement agents also detained human rights defender Nasta Loyko, who was later arrested by the court for 15 days. A friend of one of the defendants Danila Koshevsky was arrested for 12 days for “distribution of extremist materials”.

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On the anniversary of the protests in Belarus, Novaya gazeta. Europe publishes a photo project dedicated to the participants of the events

According to the investigators, from 2005 to 2020, unknown persons together with anarchist Fratskevich and human rights defender Rabkova united “a number of organised criminal groups”: Belarusian Revolutionary Action, Russian People's Self-Defense, and Революцiйна дiя.

The investigators claim that Fratskevich and Rabkova organised the arson of a Gomel district tax inspectorate, during which Molotov cocktails were used, in March 2017.

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