Crimean restaurant shut down for review after famous Ukrainian song was played at wedding

The administration of Crimea’s Bakhchysarai has shut down local restaurant Arpat for a review due to the fact that, on 10 September, a Ukrainian song Chervona Kalyna (Red Viburnum, this song became one of the symbols of the country after the start of the Russian invasion - translator’s note) was played during a wedding hosted in the restaurant, says deputy head of the administration Arsen Ablayev.

“I would like to note that this situation and hosting events of such kind are just inappropriate during the special military operation. We all have to support our government and provide utmost support to our soldiers. Head of the town’s administration ordered the closure of this establishment until the review has been concluded; afterwards, decisions [on its fate] will be made,” TV channel Millet quotes Ablayev’s words.

On 11 September, a video from the wedding held in the restaurant was spread across social media. In the video, the guests are singing along to the Ukrainian song Chervona Kalyna.

Crimea’s Russia-appointed head Sergey Aksyonov said that organisers and participants of such events had to be held responsible, “relieved of their posts”, and that “other measures within the framework of the law” had to be taken against them. According to Aksyonov, all cases of chanting Ukrainian slogans and singing Ukrainian songs or “nationalist anthems” at public events will be “punished under criminal law”.

He ordered to identify “all the participants of the event that are seen on the video to be singing the nationalist anthem”. “Behaviour of this kind is betrayal of our country and of everyone currently defending peace with their lives. It would be rational and logical for anyone that supports the Ukrainian Nazi regime to leave for the country that they love so much,” Aksyonov emphasised.

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