Armenia’s Prime Minister says 49 Armenian soldiers killed following hostilities with Azerbaijan

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said during a speech in the Parliament that 49 Armenian soldiers had died as a result of the hostilities on the border with Azerbaijan.

Nikol Pashinyan / YouTube screenshot

Nikol Pashinyan / YouTube screenshot

He noted that those were not final numbers, the information was still being clarified.

According to him, the intensity of the hostilities has ceased by now, however, “the Azerbaijani side is still attacking in one-two directions.” From midnight, the fights were happening in six-seven directions, he added.

“Azerbaijan is trying to make it look like a response to an alleged Armenian provocation, but that information is completely fake,” he stated (quoted by Russian news agency Interfax).

Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry previously stated that “in response to the large-scale provocation of Armenia”, the country was “conducting local countermeasures and neutralising firing points”.

“Armenia's ongoing military adventurism and revanchism policy, intensive shelling of the positions of the Azerbaijan Army in the Kalbajar, Lachin, Dashkasan and Gadabay directions over the past month and its large-scale provocations today are the main reasons for the aggravation of the situation. Military-political leadership of Armenia bears responsibility for all of these,” reads the statement from the ministry.

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In the early hours of 13 September, Pashinyan held a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid an escalation on the Armenian border with Azerbaijan. Armenia’s government made a decision to officially ask for help from Russia, member countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), and the United Nations Security Council.

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