Ukraine reports recapturing 20 more settlements

Ukraine’s army has recaptured over 20 settlements, the country's General Staff reports.

“Our enemy executed 18 missile strikes and 39 airstrikes in the last 24 hours. Russia committed another act of terrorism, hitting the Kharkiv thermal power station with a missile,” reads the statement.

Russia executed its strike on Kharkiv’s power plant at around midnight, says Oleh Synyehubov, the local governor. The strike also destroyed a 5-storey residential building, killing a civilian.

Kharkiv has already restored its electricity and water supply; the city’s underground and overground electric transport is in full operation, according to the local mayor.

It is impossible to quickly check the official data on the victims during warfare.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has told CNN he wasn’t ready to negotiate with Vladimir Putin: “As to their ultimatums, I don’t care who says those ultimatums, him or somebody else. That’s my principle, I don’t talk to those [who issue ultimatums].”

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Ukraine’s dual pushback

Russia’s army has faced the risk of getting encircled on its most critical positions near Kharkiv within few days. Why were the troops unprepared for a tough fight?

Certain regions of Ukraine were left with no electricity supply yesterday evening. The officials say Russia hit the energy infrastructure as a response to Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive.

Russia’s Belgorod, a city located just across the border from Kharkiv, also lost most of its electricity for an hour’s time “due to a malfunction at a substation,” the local mayor said.

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