Russian charity foundation: lack of medication for critically ill kids amid sanctions

Krug Dobra, a Russian charity foundation, says they are short of medicines for critically ill kids amid sanctions, TASS cites the organisation’s press office.

The supply of medicines is crippled, although none of the suppliers had refused to provide their goods. The foundation believes that the UN should adopt a resolution which would make medication supply exempt from sanctions.

“A company which supplies us with a unique medicine for critically ill kids has confirmed its contract obligations, but only if the medicine would not be used in a sanctioned country,” the foundation says.

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Foreign medicines that do not have analogues on the Russian market are either becoming too expensive or disappearing from pharmacies altogether

Krug Dobra imports most of its medicines from the US and Europe. Meanwhile, many suppliers have changed their payment policies and logistics for Russian clients. “Supply time frames have increased, which puts stable uninterrupted therapy at risk.”

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