Kadyrov criticises Russian MoD for surrendering Izium, Kupiansk and Balaklia

Ramzan Kadyrov, the governor of Russia's Chechnya, has criticised “the strategy” of Russia’s Defence Ministry and said he would “reach senior-most officials to spell out his message” if there are no changes into Russia’s military plans, as per his Telegram.

“I’m not a strategist like those in the Defence Ministry. But it’s clear that mistakes were made. I think they will draw a few conclusions,” he said, adding that all the settlements will get back under Russian control. “We have our men out there, fighters prepared specifically for such situations. 10 more thousand fighters are ready to join them. We’ll reach Odesa in the nearest future.”

Kadyrov also said he would meet Russia’s military correspondents soon and have a discussion with them on what patriotism is. “They should ignore some minor details and be patriots. A patriot never takes offence, he must have no enemies if someone does something wrong,” he explained.

Kadyrov then added that he was disappointed that there was no information on Russia retreating its troops. He also said that “if Russia’s General Staff did not want to leave, they wouldn’t back out, but the soldiers were surprised they had to leave Izium, Balaklia and Kupiansk."

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Russia’s Defence Ministry announced yesterday that it had regrouped its troops in the vicinity of Balaklia and Izium in order to fulfil the objectives of the “special military operation”, i.e. “liberate Donbass.''

“Yes, we left Izium, same as several other settlements of the Kharkiv direction. Without a doubt it’s bad news. Of course it’s all due to mistakes by our top brass. Please do not look for any hidden meaning behind this. There was no dirty deal or betrayal, we’re simply doing the best we can,” a DPR official said earlier.

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