Local Moscow legislators call on Putin to resign as they leave office

Legislators of Moscow’s Lomonosovsky district council have called on Vladimir Putin to resign on the last day of their office, Timofey Nikolayev, one of the legislators, has told Novaya Gazeta. Europe.

Three out of the five legislators who were present at the council meeting voted in favour of the resolution.

“Little strokes fell great oaks they say. Maybe what we've done will inspire others and show people that there are many people in Russia who disagree with what’s going on. I believe that the indirect effect of our resolution is no less important,” Nikolayev says.

“Dear President Putin, we request you to resign from your position due to the fact that your views and your management model are badly behind times and prevent Russia from developing to its full potential,” reads the legislators’ address.

They also added that Putin did a few decent reforms during his first term and “to some extent” during his second, but then “it all went sort of heels over head.”

“None of the promises were fulfilled: our country’s GDP has not doubled, and the minimum wages have not risen as much as they were expected to. Hard-working professionals from all domains are leaving the country, and there is no stability at all.”

The rhetoric Putin and his subordinates are using “has long been imbued with intolerance and aggression” which has eventually “thrown our country into the times of the Cold War,” they legislators believe.

“The entire world fears and hates us, and we’re threatening other countries with our nuclear weapons again,” reads the statement.

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