Russian police search home of election observer in ‘justification of terrorism’ case

Police in Russia’s Kazan searched the home of Dmitry Pervukhin, a coordinator of the Association of Tatarstan Observers, the local office of the Yabloko party reports.

Head of the Tatarstan office of Yabloko Ruslan Zinatullin stated that the search is in relation to a criminal case on the justification of terrorism following the publication of a video depicting an attack on the Russian ambassador to Poland.

It is unclear what status Pervukhin has in the case.

Earlier, police searched the homes of reporters cooperating with the Idel.Realii media outlet. Tatar-inform news portal stated that during the searches, the law enforcement had found “numerous carefully piled up stickers with blatantly anti-Russian slogans, Nazi symbols and ‘bloody’ letters V and Z”.

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