Ukraine estimates its war losses at $326 billion

Ukraine’s assessment of losses from Russia’s invasion stands at $326 billion, the country’s PM Denys Shmyhal said during the EU-Ukraine Association Council, as per Interfax Ukraine.

Source: Ukraine's government

Source: Ukraine's government

"Together with the World Bank, our Ministry for Communities and Territories Development has verified the damage inflicted by Russia in the amount of $326 billion. That is, this is direct damage, which has already been verified as of today, physical damage," Shmyhal told journalists in Brussels, following the results of the eighth meeting of the Association Council between the EU and Ukraine.

Shmyhal also noted that out of this amount, $105 billion is the verified amount needed to restore various facilities.

"Ukrainian society and the authorities are absolutely firm in our desire to become an EU member, and that is why we are moving fast in the implementation of the Association Agreement, the signing of sectoral 'visa-free' and integration into the EU internal market. We are grateful for the EU's positive assessment of Ukraine's progress in reforms in recent months and stand ready to move to a specific road map for joining the EU at the end of this year," he added.

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