Russia’s stats: 419 thousand people left country since 1 January

A total of 419 thousand people left Russia since the start of 2022, twice as many as during the same period in 2021, RBC cites Rosstat, Russia’s statistics agency.

“They amount of people who left Russia has gone up by 110%, including those who left for CIS states and other countries,” the agency says.

Most people left for Ukraine (79,600), Tajikistan (58,400), and Armenia (49,000). Over 40 thousand left for Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. China welcomed 6,600 Russians, Vietnam (5,400) and India (4,100) are also in the top-3.

Russia’s population decreased by 480,6 thousand people (-0,33%), compared to the 307,7 thousand during the same period in 2021.

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