FSB reports criminal prosecution against ‘Columbine supporters’

Russia’s FSB has reported executing a joint “tactical operation” with the police and the Investigative Committee against supporters of the “Columbine movement” [sic] and “members of a radical Ukrainian association called The Maniacs / Cult of Murder,” as TASS reports.

“Law enforcement actions have been executed in 46 regions of Russia against 187 Russian citizens, including administrators of Internet communities supporting the ideology of mass murder. Those were moderators of a terrorist organisation called Columbine Movement and a radical Ukrainian association called The Maniacs / Cult of Murder,” reads the statement.

The agency has reported confiscating bladed weapons and finding letters from “Ukrainian ideologists of mass murder and nazis.” The FSB also claims to have found photos and footage of the “so-called direct actions” and instructions on “how to execute those.”

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Kids with guns

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Russia’s Supreme court declared “Columbine” (“school shooting”) a terrorist “association” in February.

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