Ukraine suspects two Russian soldiers of shooting a civilian in Hostomel

Ukraine’s Office of Prosecutor General is suspecting two Russian servicemen of violating warfare laws and customs, as well as intentional homicide, as per the agency’s Telegram.

The alleged murder scene. Source: Ukraine’s Office of Prosecutor General

The alleged murder scene. Source: Ukraine’s Office of Prosecutor General

The prosecutor’s theory is that Russian servicemen set up a temporary base in Hostomel’s animal shelter in March. They involved local residents in unloading munitions from a truck; one of the locals refused to obey.

“After this, the occupants forced the man into a forest and threatened him with execution. When the man refused to cooperate for the second time, one of the commanders ordered his subordinate to shoot the man dead,” reads the agency’s statement.

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The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine established the identity of a Russian soldier accused of killing two civilians in the suburbs of Kyiv earlier. CNN reports that its video featuring the alleged criminal helped identify the soldier. According to the office, the serviceman is Nikolay Sokovikov.

Radio Liberty’s journalists contacted Nikolay, he confirmed to “have been visible on parts of the video from the security cameras”. However, he claims that the fragments with the shooting were “added” to the footage, and that they don’t feature him.

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