Russia and Ukraine discuss returning 65 Russian sailors from Ukrainian captivity

Russia and Ukraine discuss returning 65 Russian sailors who are being held as POWs in Ukraine’s city of Izmail, Russia’s ombudsperson Tatyana Moskalkova has told RIA Novosti.

Tatyana Moskalkova. Source: duma.gov.ru

“We are in continuous talks with Ukraine, we ask them to exchange at least the five severely ill sailors, there are five of them, including a man with a heart condition and two men with mental conditions. We have been offered certain things, but there is no final decision yet,” Moskalkova said.

Over 100 families of Russian servicemen addressed Vladimir Putin in July calling for their husbands, sons, and brothers who had gone missing in Ukraine to be found. They also demanded that special offices be set up in every Russia’s region where relatives of the missing soldiers would receive help in their search.

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