Most IAEA experts leave Zaporizhzhia power plant

Most of the IAEA mission members have left the Zaporizhzhia power plant in Ukraine, Interfax reports.

A group of experts, including Director General Rafael Grossi, left the town of Enerhodar where the power plant is located on 1 September; several more experts left today. Two more experts will stay.

“Two people are staying. They will be monitoring the safe operation of the nuclear power plant. On the orders from the mission and Mr. Grossi, they will maintain a permanent presence, and these people will periodically be replaced. He has kept his word, the mission will be permanent," said Alexander Volga, a local pro-Russian occupation “official”.

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The IAEA mission visited the nuclear power plant in Enerhodar on 1 September. The town was shelled the same day, with both sides of the conflict accusing one another.

The power plant is located on the territory that is currently occupied by Russia. EU member states and 42 more countries called on Russia to retract their troops from the plant’s premises, insisting that Russia was violating nuclear safety and security.

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