Russian man throws Molotov cocktails at police station, injures two officers during his detention

An unknown man set fire to a police station in Russia’s Izhevsk with two Molotov cocktails. He inflicted knife wounds on two patrol officers during his detention, Russian state news agency TASS reports, citing the press service of the local police.

“At around 02:00 am (01:00 am Moscow time), an unknown man threw two bottles with incendiary mixture at Police Office 2 in Izhevsk. <…> The suspect actively resisted police upon being arrested and wounded two policemen with a knife,” the press service said. The attacker was hospitalised, along with the two police officers.

TASS points out that the fire has since been extinguished. Maxim Tikhonov, the interior minister of Russia’s Udmurtia, ordered an internal review, the agency reports.

Baza Telegram channel claims that the man in question is 25-year-old Rustam Mamedov. The outlet notes that he threw four Molotov cocktails, not two, and that four more bottles were found in his backpack.

Local news outlet Udm-info reports that the police fired eight shots in the direction of the suspect. One of the hospitalised police officers is in serious condition.

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