Head of Russia’s Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov announces ‘indefinite leave of absence’

Head of Russia’s Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has stated that he deserves “an indefinite and long leave of absence” in a video address published on his Telegram channel.

“My friends, today I’ve found out that I am one of the ‘long livers’ among the current heads of Russian regions. I’ve noticed I’ve been here a while. I think I deserve an indefinite and long leave of absence,” Kadyrov wrote.

“I hope you will support me and understand me,” Kadyrov said.

In the video, he said that he had led Chechnya for 15 years, and that his youth is long gone. “I think my time has come, or else they kick me out,” the Chechen leader said.

Read Kadyrov’s profile here

Read Kadyrov’s profile here

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On 10 May 2004, Ramzan Kadyrov was appointed first deputy head of Chechnya’s government. He then got the job of acting chairman of the regional government.

On 15 February 2007, he became acting president of Chechnya. Two weeks later, his appointment was officially approved.

In 2009, his position was renamed as head of Chechnya.

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