Ufa court fines activists €2,500 for ‘police work during pro-Navalny rallies’

A court in Ufa has penalised activists Liliya Chanysheva, Olga Komleva and Ilgam Yanberdin 147,000 rubles (€2,500) for “extra work by the police officers” during the pro-Navalny rallies which took place in January 2021.

Komleva alone was fined 120,592 rubles in favour of the police officers who worked at the rally on 31 January; additionally, all three activists were ordered to pay a total of 27,367 rubles for the 23 January rally. This is the sixth time courts in Russia’s Bashkortostan have ruled for the local police who demand that their expenses, such as overtime pay and gas money, be recompensed. Another court ruling ordered to collect 286,000 rubles (€4,800) from the three activists in July 2022.

Police officials in other cities, such as Omsk, Penza, Chelyabinsk. Yaroslavl, and others, lodged similar lawsuits against Navalny’s allies before, the total amount money going up to 6 million rubles (€100,000).

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