Russian actress Asmus faces fine for ‘discrediting army’

Kristina Asmus, a Russian theatre and film actress, is accused of “discrediting the Russian army’ as per Moscow’s Tverskoy court.

It is unclear what is the reason behind the charges. Asmus is facing a fine at a rate between 30 and 50 thousand rubles (€500-840). Valeriya Uvarova, Kristina’s press agent, has told RTVI she “never heard about any charges” and that Asmus is currently “on a trip.”

Source: Asmus' Instagram profile

Kristina Asmus works for Moscow’s Yermolova Theatre and is famous for starring in Interns, a popular medical sitcom. Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre banned performances by director Alexander Molochnikov after Russia’s MPs requested that his views on the Ukraine War be made clear.

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