Belarus court puts freshman behind bars for 30 months for intending to become voluntary servant in Ukraine

A court in Brest, Belarus, has sentenced Andrey Maslov, a first year college student, to 30 months in prison for “intending to partake in an armed conflict in another country,” as per Brest Spring. The prosecutor requested a 3-year sentence.

Maslov said in court that his priority was humanitarian work and stated that he would never use a weapon should he be offered to do so. He was, however, content with joining the Ukrainian army for humanitarian service.

His intention was to join the Kastuś Kalinoŭski Regiment, a foreign regiment within Ukraine’s army comprised of ethnic Belarusians. He contacted the regiment via Telegram before he attempted to cross the border between Belarus and Ukraine in an unauthorised area and was detained. His chat with a Telegram bot for the Kalinoŭski Regiment was used as evidence in court.

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