Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor penalises TikTok for not removing ‘feminist and LGBT propaganda’

Russia’s media regulator Roskomnadzor has drawn up an administrative protocol against social network TikTok for refusing to take down banned information, state-run news agency RIA Novosti reported.

“Based on three rulings by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodyozh), Roskomnadzor drew up a protocol for propaganda of nontraditional LGBT values, feminism and the misrepresentation of traditional sexual values,” the agency's correspondent reported on 30 August.

A court hearing reviewing the case has been set for 4 October.

Earlier today, a magistrate in Moscow's Tagansky District fined Twitch three million rubles (approximately €49,500) as the platform refused to remove a video interview with Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian president's office. According to the prosecution, the video contained "fake" information about the war in Ukraine.

Earlier, Roskomnadzor ordered search engines to inform TikTok, Telegram, Zoom, Pinterest and Discord of apparent “violations of Russian law.”

A Moscow court also fined Telegram and Twitch 13 million rubles (close to €212,000) for refusing to take down banned information.

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