ASTRA: Russia-installed traffic police head survives car bombing attempt in Kherson

37-year-old Major Sneshin, installed by Russian authorities as traffic police chief in Kherson, has survived a car bomb assassination attempt, according to indpedent outlet ASTRA. No one was injured as a result of the explosion, but the car's windshield and radiator grille sustained damage.

According to ASTRA, the explosive device was placed under a concrete block on the side of the road in Kherson. It is believed to have been a radio-controlled IED containing 400 grams of TNT equivalent.

The explosion occurred at around 8am. The major — a Russian citizen — was passing by the location with his wife and daughter in his car.

Meanwhile, Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Russia-installed “administration” in Kherson, told state agency TASS that a “sabotage and reconnaissance group” had been neutralised in the city's Tavrichesky district.

“There has been a sabotage activity at Tavrichesky. Everything there is fine, everything is under control. Everyone has been taken out,” he said.

Ukraine has not yet commented on the statement in any way. Local Telegram channels have posted videos and photos of the explosion in Kherson.

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A day prior, the body of former Sluga Narodu (“Servant of the People”) MP Oleksiy Kovalyov was found in the Kherson Region. He defected to Russia during the war and had been the deputy agriculture minister of the regional occupation "government" since July. ASTRA writes that Kovalyov was killed in his own house in the town of Hola Prystan. Independent Russian outlet Baza claims that Kovalyov sustained a gunshot wound to the head — his body was found by his mother.

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