Ukraine breaches first line of defence in Russia-occupied Kherson region

Natalya Gumenyuk, head of the United Coordination Press Centre of the Southern Defence Forces of Ukraine, has stated that the 109th regiment of the self-proclaimed Donetsk “people’s republic” (“DPR”) retreated from their positions in the Kherson region.

Representatives of the Kakhovka operational group of troops published a video allegedly showing a Ukrainian serviceman saying that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had “breached the first line of defence” on 29 August.

The Kakhovka group also stated that HIMARS systems had destroyed practically all large bridges in the area: the Antonivka Road Bridge, the Antonivka Railway Bridge and the Nova Kakhovka Bridge. “The Russian army has been cut off from weapon and personnel transports from the territory of Crimea,” the representatives said.

From left to right: Kherson, Antonivka, Nova Kakhovka, Kakhovka. Photo: Kakhovka / Facebook

Gumenyuk told Hromadske media outlet that the Ukrainian army had launched offensives in many directions in southern Ukraine.

It is impossible to promptly verify the information provided by the warring sides during an ongoing conflict.

The Russian Defence Ministry has not commented on these reports so far.

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Earlier, it was reported that Alexey Kovalev, a member of the Russia-installed “government” of the Kherson region, had been killed in his house in the city of Hola Prystan. Kovalev was appointed deputy chief for agriculture of the occupation “government” of the Kherson region in July.

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