Russian university dean fired after posting anti-war messages

Natalya Pivovarova, Dean of the Faculty of Theatre Studies at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, or GITIS, has been fired after posting anti-war messages on social media.


The GITIS administration decided not to renew the contract with Pivovarova, which she announced on Facebook.

“This is the end of my odyssey at GITIS. It lasted 48 years. But everything comes to an end. War. What else could it be? I no longer work there at all. That's pretty clear. I was offered to write a letter of resignation today, I refused, then they explained that they hadn't renewed my contract, although they had already sent me my schedule,” - Pivovarova says in her post.

Anti-war posts were frequently posted on her Facebook page.

In June, historian Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva was fired from St. Petersburg State University after complaints were lodged about her anti-war messages.

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