Germany’s Chancellor Scholz’s approval rating hits record low

Only 25% of Germans are currently supporting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, while 62% are dissatisfied with his work, reports DW, citing the data provided by the German Institute for New Social Answers (INSA).

These numbers are dramatically lower compared to March. Then, 46% of Germans supported Scholz.

The ruling coalition’s approval rating has also decreased significantly. Only 27% are currently supporting it, and 65% are displeased with its work.

The poll shows that if the elections were to be held in Germany today, Scholz would earn only 18% of votes and come third, according to DW. Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck from the Green Party would come first with 25% of votes, while Friedrich Merz from the Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) — second, with 19% of Germans ready to vote for him, the data shows.

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Olaf Scholz was appointed German Chancellor in December 2021. Back then, 395 members of the Bundestag voted for him. Before him, Angela Merkel served as German Chancellor for 16 years.

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