Criminal case on murder opened after car explosion kills daughter of philosopher Dugin

The Moscow region Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on the murder of daughter of philosopher Alexander Dugin, Daria, the info was published on the Telegram channel of the agency.

Photo: The Moscow region Investigative Committee

Photo: The Moscow region Investigative Committee

The criminal proceedings were instituted under article on murder committed in a publicly dangerous way.

The explosion occurred yesterday, at about 9PM, near the village Bolshie Vyazyomy in the Moscow region. “An explosive device presumably installed in a Toyota Land Cruiser detonated at a road of general use, with cars going at full speed; then the car caught fire. The woman behind the wheel was killed instantly,” the statement reads.

Later, the Investigative Committee concluded that the crime had been planned in advance, characterising it as an ordered job. According to the committee's data, the explosive device was placed under the bottom of the car on the driver’s side.

Head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has ordered the transfer of the criminal case on the murder of Dugina to the central department of the committee and has taken it under his personal control.

Violin player Petr Lundsterm wrote on his Telegram channel that Darya was coming back from the festival Tradition, which she had attended together with her father. “Dugin was supposed to use that car but he got into another car,” he shared.

After the explosion, Dugin came to the scene, he was later hospitalised, says political scientist Sergey Markov.

The official spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova declared that in case a Ukrainian trace is found in the murder of Dugina, “it is necessary to speak about state terrorism.”

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the president of Ukraine, declared that Ukraine had nothing to do with Dugina’s death.

“We are not a criminal state, which is what the Russian Federation is, and furthermore, we are not a terrorist state,” Podolyak said, adding that the murder shows that there is a fight for power and influence among different groups in Russia.

In July, the UK included Daria Platonova (Dugina) in the sanctions lists as an individual responsible for “disinformation in relation to Ukraine and the Russian invasion of Ukraine on various online platforms”.

Dugina was born in 1992. In 2015, she completed her postgraduate studies at the MSU Faculty of Philosophy. She worked as a political commentator at the International Eurasian Movement founded by her father.

Update: at 14:32 new information from the Investigative Committee and remarks by Zakharova and Podolyak added. Title has been amended.

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