Head of Russia’s Kherson occupation administration has died of wounds

Vitaly Gura, a member of Russia’s occupation administration in Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine’s Kherson region, is in hospital after an assassination attempt targeted him, TASS reports.

“There was an attempt on Vitaly Gura’s life, right in his home. He is now in hospital with multiple gun wounds and in serious condition,” as per TASS’s source. “Unknown individuals fired shots at Gura; they were using Makarov pistols.”

TASS’s source says the official’s condition is critical; it is possible that he might be transported to Crimea for treatment.

Updated at 6:50 p.m.

Vitaly Gura has died of wounds, Vladimir Leontiev, another occupation official has told RIA Novosti.

Volodymyr Saldo, the “head” of Ukraine’s Kherson region appointed by Russian occupying forces, was hospitalised yesterday. Saldo claimed this was due to COVID-19 reasons, however, he was later placed in an induced coma and transported to Moscow. Rumours say he might have been poisoned.

On 4 July, the pro-Russian “authorities” of the Kherson region announced the formation of a new “government”. Saldo said that the new “government” would include both Kherson residents and Russian officials. Only one newly appointed official is a resident of the Kherson region. The other three are from Russia.

Yevgeny Yunakov, another occupation official, was killed on 11 July as an explosive device rigged in his car blew up.

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