Russian court fines 77-year-old law enforcement veteran for 'discrediting' Russian army

A Petrozavodsk court has given two fines to a 77-year-old Ministry of Internal Affairs veteran with a disability Tatiana Savinkina for “discrediting” the Russian army, reported the Karelia Legislative Assembly deputy Emilia Slabunova.

Photo: Emilia Slabunova's Telegram channel

Photo: Emilia Slabunova's Telegram channel

“Child of war, victim of Stalin’s repressions, veteran of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who served in the system for 34 years and helped rehabilitate hundreds of victims of Stalin’s repressions, person with a second degree disability, 77-year-old Tatiana Savinkina has received three sentences in two days. Two of them are for “discrediting the Russian army”, said Slabunova.

According to her, on 15 July, the court fined Savinkina 15,000 rubles (€261) for allegedly, after visiting her son’s grave, having written at a nearby bus stop the words “that aren’t allowed about something that one is forbidden to call what it is”. A ninth grader filed a complaint: she took a picture of the pensioner inside the bus, and later, together with her mother, went to the police. The girl was not called upon by the court. Tatiana pleaded not guilty.

The next day, the court gave her another fine.

“Homeowner association members filed a complaint against Savinkina for placing flyers with words they didn’t like about their favourite president on the bulletin board in the building hall,” explained Slabunova.

Back in May, the court had already reprimanded Tatiana for giving out flyers in the building hall. Then, she pleaded guilty. This time, she tried to prove that she has not left anything in the building hall since, and the flyers that the members were complaining about had been in their possession since the last time. The judge rejected the request to see security camera footage that could prove whether Tatiana was guilty or innocent.

“The complainants’ accounts of what happened did not match up both in the reports and in the court testimonies. However, the same judge decided Tatiana was guilty and fined her 15,000 rubles,” noted Slabunova.

The woman got another fine for harming city property. The city administration commission fined Savinkina 1,000 rubles (€17) for “sticking a paper with inappropriate contents on a garbage can”.

Earlier, pro-Russian “authorities” in the Kherson region promised to expel citizens from the region for “discrediting” the Russian army and spreading “fake news” about it. Similar measures were introduced by the occupation “government” in the Zaporizhzhia region.

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