Prosecutor requests seven years in prison for Moscow legislator over ‘discrediting army’

The prosecutor has requested a criminal punishment of seven years for Alexey Gorinov, a local legislator and Ilya Yashin’s ally, for “spreading fake news about the Russian army, a newsperson for Novaya Gazeta Europe reports from the courthouse.

Credit: Novaya Gazeta. Europe

Credit: Novaya Gazeta. Europe 

The prosecutor believes Gorinov’s guilt has been proven by testimony of the prosecution witnesses, a video recording from the local legislature meeting, the evidence provided by forensic experts, and other materials. The prosecutor’s theory says that Gorinov, alongside fellow legislator Yelena Kotyonochkina, made several statements which “contained fake information regarding Russia’s armed forces” during the legislature meeting on 15 March.

Gorinov referred to the invasion of Ukraine as to “war” rather than “a special military operation” and spoke about the murdered Ukrainian children. These statements, the prosecutor believes, contradict the Defence Ministry’s official information, and helped Gorinov and Kotyonochkina “delude the public at large.” The aggravating factors in Gorinov’s case were “malfeasant spreading of fake information in a group on grounds of hatred and hostility.”

Kotyonochkina also faced criminal charges, but she managed to leave Russia before being arrested and is now on the international wanted list.

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