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Chief Rabbi of Moscow leaves his position

Pinchas Goldschmidt, who has been Moscow’s Chief Rabbi since 1993, has left his position; “his contract has come to an end,” the local Jewish community told TASS.

“Dear friends, my job as Moscow’s Chief Rabbi is over. It has been an honour to serve at the Moscow Choral Synagogue for the good of Russia’s Jewish community for all these years. I wish you all the best, I’ll be in touch and happy to help each of you should you need my support,” Goldschmidt said.

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He left Russia in early June after refusing to publicly speak in support of the Ukraine War. Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt, his daughter-in-law, told the media that Goldschmidt and his wife had been put under pressure by Russia’s authorities. He then left for Israel where his father had been hospitalised.

Moscow’s Choral Synagogue then announced that Goldschmidt had left Russia due to personal reasons.

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