Opposition politician Ilya Yashin detained in Moscow

Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin was detained in Moscow, said journalist Irina Babloyan on her Telegram channel.

Photo: Irina Babloyan

Photo: Irina Babloyan

“I was taking a walk in a park with my friend Ilya Yashin. Police officers approached us and took Ilya, it is unclear where they went,” she recounted. Babloyan clarified her message to Novaya Gazeta. Europe, saying that the policemen did not explain anything: “they moved me aside. Ilya asked what was wrong, they said he should come with them. They took him to their car and drove away.”

Babloyan added that his lawyer Vadim Prokhorov was on his way to the police department.

Later, Babloyan reported that Yashin is in custody for the alleged administrative violation of disobeying a police officer.

“They are claiming he was being rude and was arguing during the detention. That DID NOT HAPPEN,” she wrote in a post.

In May, a Moscow court fined Yashin 90 thousand rubles (€1,600) for “discrediting the use of Russia's armed forces”. One of the reasons for the fine was a public post with a picture of a girl with an anti-war slogan at a protest against the US invading Vietnam, another—a live stream on his Youtube channel.

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