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Russia's censorship has effectively banned independent media, but there is no way to obliterate the freedom of speech. Join Novaya Gazeta. Europe to support freedom and overthrow tyranny. Help our journalists by donating us any amount of money and become friends with Novaya Gazeta. Europe!

Join the association

The association of Friends of Novaya Gazeta Europe was founded by three Swiss citizens, who share our journalistic values and would like to support Russian media in exile. You can join the association by paying the annual membership fee on the Friends of Novaya Gazeta Europe website.

There are three membership plans as of 2022:

  • Individual membership: 60 CHF/€ annual fee (tied to Dmitry Muratov’s age; will cost 1 CHF/€ more each year).
  • Individual membership Plus: 300 CHF/€ annual fee.
  • Collective membership (for companies & organisations): 180 CHF/€ annual fee.

Members of the association will be the first to receive updates on the continued growth of Novaya Gazeta. Europe, will get the opportunity to contact our editors, suggest ideas for coverage, and more.

To become a member you have to fill out a form on the website.

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