Russian forces set up trucks transmitting government propaganda to Mariupol residents

Russian forces have installed TV screens on several trucks belonging to the Russian Emergencies Ministry parked on the streets of Mariupol, showing government propaganda to local residents, Petro Andrushenko, an advisor to Mariupol’s mayor, stated. This information is confirmed by Russian state news agency TASS.

Screenshot from TASS

Screenshot from TASS

TASS calls the propaganda trucks “mobile information and community notification systems.” According to the agency, two notification systems of this kind are driving around the city, and one is parked in a fixed site.

“Practically for three months, Mariupol residents have been in information vacuum due to the lack of electricity. Russian emergencies ministry’s rescuers have deployed three mobile information and community notification systems to provide latest information,” the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s press service stated, quoted by TASS.

Screenshot from TASS

Screenshot from TASS

The trucks transmit Russia’s Channel One and Rossiya-24, as well as information from the emergency services of the self-proclaimed Donetsk “people’s republic.” They also air “cartoons and fairy-tale films for children,” the agency reports.

Similar trucks are in use in Volnovakha and the Krasny Liman district.

“Now, against the backdrop of ruins and mass graves, they are telling Mariupol residents about improvements and ‘crimes of the Ukrainian army’ right here. Fury. Only fury,” Petro Andrushenko wrote.

Yesterday, the occupying government of Mariupol stated that the first ship had left the city’s port carrying about three tonnes of metal products. Russia also plans to transport construction materials to Mariupol by sea to rebuild the city.

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