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The Peaceful Resistance’ activist Olga Smirnova arrested over ‘fake news’ charges

Kirovsky court in Saint Petersburg has sent Olga Smirnova, an anti-war activist. to a pre-trial detention centre for ‘spreading fake news about the Russian army’ until 4 July, according to the court’s statement.

The prosecutor’s theory is that Smirnova posted a text containing “knowingly false statements regarding the Russian Armed Forces” in a local anti-war VK group.

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Five members of The Peaceful Resistance had their homes searched by the law enforcers on 5 May. The people in question are Olga Smirnova, Asan Mumji, Tatyana Sichkaryova. Vlad Shipitsin and Ilya Tkachenko. Dinar Idrisov, a human rights activist, told the media that the VK group had been banned by Roskomnadzor, Russia’s censorship agency.

Smirnova was escorted for interrogation after she had had her apartment searched. In her absence, the word ‘traitor’ was inscribed on the apartment door with red colour.

Four members of the same organisation faced administrative charges for ‘discrediting the Russian army’ in April.

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