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Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov arrested in absentia under ‘fake news’ law

A Moscow court has arrested Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov in absentia under the “fake news” law.

Alexander Nevzorov. Photo: social networks

“Due to the fact that an international warrant has been issued for Nevzorov’s arrest, the arrest will be in force for two months since the moment of his detention on Russian territory or his extradition to Russia,” the court’s press service informs.

On March 22, criminal charges were filed against Nevzorov under the “fake news” law. The new iteration of this law criminalises “public dissemination of false information” about the Russian army. According to the prosecution, Nevzorov published “deliberately false information” about the attack on a maternity hospital in Mariupol by the Russian forces.

On April 22, the Russian Ministry of Justice included Nevzorov on the foreign agent register. On May 4, he was put on the wanted list.

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