Ukraine’s Kherson switches to Russian network after Internet cut-off

Local Internet provider SkyNET in Russia-occupied Kherson has switched to Russia’s Rostelecom network after mobile communications in the region were cut off, global Internet monitor NetBlocks informs.

Image: NetBlocks

Image: NetBlocks

The provider has partially recovered Internet access, NetBlocks reports.

On April 30, mobile connections were shut down in the areas of Ukraine’s Kherson Region under Russian control. A representative of the Vodafone mobile operator told Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne Kherson that “this is not an accident.”

On April 26, the Russian Defence Ministry reported that Kyiv had lost control of the entire Kherson Region. Shortly before that, Hennadiy Lahuta, the legitimate head of the Kherson Region, said that the Russian military had appointed their own "government officials." Russian occupation forces appointed former mayor of Kherson Volodymyr Saldo as the region’s head and Oleksandr Kobets as mayor of Kherson.

After that, local officials reported that Kherson would switch to the ruble zone starting May 1.

In the early hours of April 28, missiles were fired near Kherson’s TV station. Reportedly, Russian TV channels could not be accessed in the region shortly after the strike, however, the signal was recovered soon, Ukrainian media reported. Kherson has been under de facto Russian occupation since March 2.

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