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Media: air-defence system placed near Putin’s residence in northwest Russia

A system similar in appearance to a Pantzir-S1 missile launcher has been stationed near Russian President Vladimir Putin in Rusia’s Valdai, Agency reports citing its readers.

The outlet notes that a resident of Valdai, Novgorod region, sent a picture taken in the village of Yashcherovo. It shows an air-defence system which according to the man was erected in the village “a few weeks ago”. Similar systems have been lately seen in downtown Moscow and the Moscow region.

Agency contacted the man and verified that the picture was real. Yashcherovo and neighbouring village residents confirmed to Agency that an air-defence system had been deployed in Valdai.

The media outlet notes that the system could have been placed in Yashcherovo soon after Ukrainian drones carried out attacks on Russian military airfields inside Russia: air bases near Ryazan and in Engels, Saratov region, were attacked on 5 December.

Yashcherovo is one of the closest villages to the presidential residence located on the bank of a local lake. The distance between them is approximately 6 km.

Earlier, social media users started publishing photos and videos showing Pantzir-S1 missile systems deployed on rooftops in Moscow. The systems are particularly meant to intercept drones.

A Novaya Gazeta Europe correspondent saw these systems placed on top of the Russian Defence Ministry and a business centre in downtown Moscow.